About Don John

Having worked in the field of Race & Diversity for over 40 years and spent 10 years in the Treasury in Whitehall, Don moved to Southampton to work as a youth and education officer for the Southampton Council.

Black History Month South presents: The Windrush Generation: Still Sitting in Limbo

June 22nd marked the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush into Tilbury Docks in the UK, and June 8th marked three years since the original broadcast of the BAFTA winning BBC drama Sitting in Limbo.…

BLACK: The Graphic Novel By Tobias Taitt and Anthony Smith

BLACK is the autobiographical story of Tobias Taitt, a child raised in social care in 1970s and 1980s Britain. Discovering a life outside the institutions that held him, Tobias began a descent into a life of crime, while simultaneously developing a love for literature. Set in the South of England, Southampton, and the New Forest, BLACK touches on themes of class and race.…


Contribute to Black Archives South for creative and cultural growth Archives are often thought of as storage spaces for disused documents, relegated to the damp basements of public libraries, occasionally used by someone researching their family tree. A place of cultural gatekeeping where select histories are revered and preserved.

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