Black Heritage Southampton

Black Heritage is a Registered Charity which promotes the welfare and social wellbeing of the members of the Caribbean Community in Southampton. The organisation is run by the members for the members, and while the main focus is on this particular group the group is inclusive and welcomes new members from the wider community. Many of the members are members of the so called Windrush Generation. They participate in various group activities, social events, and fundraising. Arts, crafts, singing, drama, dominoes, and other games . The Black Heritage Centre is a cosy and welcoming space, whilst there is a small patio garden which the members maintain and enjoy during the summer.

• They meet at 53 Northumberland Road, Southampton SO14 0EJ
• They are open to all on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2 pm until 6 pm. Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7.30pm till 11pm
• Membership is £15.00 per year.
• There is a small entry fee, this is collected on arrival.
• The committee is made up of elected members and meet 4 times per year. There is an Annual General Meeting in July.
• Black Heritage has an equal opportunities policy

They can be contacted by telephone or email:

02380 366 488