Help us in our mission to embed the heritage of African and Caribbean people in it’s rightful place at the heart of British history and culture. Support BAS now for the future!

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Contribute Stories

Sometimes, Black people think that their experiences from the time that they came to the UK are not of great value. We hold the view that the experiences of each and every one who bravely chose to leave their country of origin to come to the UK are essential elements of UK history. This includes experiences in work, education, the criminal justice system and their exposure to and experience of Racism. The Black presence in the UK owes much to the recounting of ordinary experiences of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. So please tell us your story, and we can make arrangements to ensure that it is not forgotten.

Send us Photos & Videos

The phrase “Every Picture Tells A Story” perfectly epitomises the importance of images in communicating the experiences of Caribbean/West Indian migrants. The iconic pictures of migrants embarking from the Windrush resonate internationally. Many Black families have photos, and some have films, that have documented their lives in the early days. We implore you to consider contributing copies of those photos and films to Black Archives South to further substantiate the Black presence in the region, and to remind everyone that we were here and how we made significant contributions to the way of life in this country.

Start Campaigns

We have always argued that Black History belongs to everyone. Whether you are Black or White, part of a Black or White organisation, a public sector or private sector organisation, your participation and involvement are welcome. Furthermore, we encourage any activities, campaigns, or programmes you may wish to develop to support our work. Black History Month South and Black Archives South are ready and prepared to give you the support you need to make that happen, so please feel free to contact us if you need further advice.

Fundraise for us

We’re calling for volunteers to assist with fundraising efforts, a crucial aspect of our mission at Black Archives South. Whether you’re familiar with organising charity events, setting up online crowdfunding campaigns, coordinating community-oriented activities, or willing to learn, your dedication is invaluable. Exploring corporate sponsorships, grants, or utilising social media for donor outreach are also impactful methods. Each pound raised brings us closer to preserving and promoting the rich history of Black communities in the UK. We welcome your contribution and are ready to provide the necessary support and guidance for your fundraising activities.

Become a Patron

A Patron, by definition, is “a person who gives financial or other support to a person, organisation, or cause”. In our context, a Patron can be much more than just a benefactor. Patrons can use their influence to raise awareness, drive engagement, and galvanize support for our cause, becoming an integral part of our mission at Black Archives South.

We are actively seeking the involvement of high-profile individuals who have a passion for our cause and who understand the importance of preserving and promoting Black history in the South of England. By becoming a Patron of Black Archives South, you would be lending your name, reputation, and influence to our work, potentially opening doors to new audiences, partnerships, and opportunities.

Become a Volunteer

Black Archives South urgently needs volunteers. Whether you’re Black or from another community, your assistance and support are valuable. We need people who can help us with oral history interviews, individuals with film and photographic experience, those with fundraising or accounting skills, or even just those with raw enthusiasm. We can discuss how you can best help us. We also need individuals who can be part of the Black Archives South Reference Group, which is a body of people from Black communities who serve as an advisory group to the Black Archives South programme. We’re keen to recruit individuals who can represent the Black Archives South programme as ambassadors to spread the word about the work we’re involved in.



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