“Proud to be” Black Stories Screening

July 27, 2022

Don John

The theme of this year’s national Black History Month (October) is “Proud to be”. That’s the theme of Our Version Media’s first ever community stories screening. “Proud to be” will be an evening showcasing and celebrating stories from Southampton’s African, Caribbean and black British communities. It’s the culmination of a month-long Mobile Storytelling programme where participants learned to craft, film and edit stories using a mobile phone for the very first time. Eight have taken on the challenge of making a short three-minute, made-by-mobile, “Proud to be” story about aspects of their lives in the city. Whether all eight successfully complete their videos in time for the screening is yet to be seen…

Join us for an evening of real stories, by real people.

Mon 25 Oct 2021: 7.30pm

Mayflower Theatre, Empire Lane, Southampton SO15 1AP

Tickets https://www.mayflowerstudios.org.uk/what-s-on/our-version-media-black-history-month-films-2021/